Equine Sports Massage

Important Notice 

Equine Sports Massage is not a substitute for veterinary attention.  All work carried out is in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, which states that veterinary consent must be approved before working on any animal.

Please see linked document below. This is my standard veterinary permission form. As part of my service I can complete this form, with your consent, and arrange for your Vet to give their permission, however I am happy for client’s to seek Vet permission.

Veterinary Permission Form

Prior to the initial consultation your vet must sign a consent form for your horse. Your vet may or may not wish to see your horse before giving consent.  All information provided by the owner and vet is treated in strict confidentiality by the therapist.

What can I expect from an Equine Sports Massage treatment?

Initial Consultation

All clients must first have an initial consultation which takes up to 2 hours.  The initial consultation may involve

  • discussing the horse’s history and any presenting problem
  • static analysis
  • foot and farriery observation
  • saddle fit check
  • dynamic analysis (under saddle if necessary)

Following these observations, a full body massage will be performed, which helps the horse become accustomed to massage techniques and also allows the therapist to find any problem areas.  Further treatments may be required dependent on the extent of the problems found.

In order to see the full benefit of my treatments, I often advise on a treatment plan at the initial consultation stage.

This treatment plan will depend on the horse, its workload, and any problems being treated, it may only be necessary for your horse to have a few treatments a year to maintain the benefits of massage.  In some cases, remedial treatment plans may be advised and should be carried out once a week for up to 4 treatments, to relieve the problem.

Follow-up treatments

Follow-up treatments, lasting around 1 – 1½ hours, this will still cover the whole body but my treatment will focus on any problematic areas of the individual horse, a routine tailored to your horse’s specific requirements.

My treatments may also include hot / cold hydrotherapy and very often active and passive stretches.  Aftercare advice and a tailored exercise plan will be given to clients following every treatment. This will include an analysis of improvement since previous visit.


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