What is Equine Sports Massage, and how can it benefit your horse?

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Equine Sports Massage, Keeping horses young and old feeling supple and comfortable – Ready for whatever we decide to throw at them!

My treatments are regularly used by top riders to keep their horses in tip top condition and ready to perform at their best.

Clients include horses: Eventing, Endurance, PC & RC, Dressage, Showing, Show-jumpers, Hacking

Equine massage is the therapeutic application of professional sports massage techniques applied to a horse.

Like all human athletes, horses can also greatly benefit from a sports massage.

A sports massage can:

  • keep muscles in top condition by increasing and improving the circulation;
  • improving muscular imbalance;
  • maintaining strength and suppleness;
  • prevent muscle atrophy;
  • remove muscle spasms;
  • improve a horse’s range of motion;
  • help to prevent tendon injuries; and
  • it also has a significant calming and relaxing effect on horses.

After a heavy work load, equine massage can help reduce stiffness, and can help to speed up the natural repair of damaged tissue.

Does your horse do or show signs of any of the following:

  • Dislikes being groomed
  • Prefer one rein
  • Show lateral stiffness
  • Reluctant to canter on one lead
  • Hollow backed
  • High headed
  • Head shaking
  • Bucking
  • Cold backed when tacked up
  • Lack of poll flexion and bend
  • Head tilting
  • Have an uneven stride length
  • Holding the tail to one side
  • Excessive rolling

To book an appointment or for more information you can contact me via the link below

Tel: 07969807957

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